CEO Message

The SoftBank Group continues to grow and advance toward its aim of becoming the corporate group needed most by people around the world.

CEO MessageCEO Message

We are now in the midst of the Information Revolution. As a phase of this revolution, the Internet has made our daily lives more convenient and has quickly become indispensable as a result.


AI is poised to bring about the next transformation. I am sure the dramatic advancement and penetration of AI will redefine all industries and make a major contribution to humanity.


With our sights set on the coming era, and as the corporate group that is driving the Information Revolution, we will continue to address social issues through our businesses in accordance with the SoftBank Group's CSR Principles.


Without a doubt, AI and other leading-edge technologies will help resolve issues that humans have been unable to overcome.


Our corporate philosophy expresses our desire to spread happiness and reduce suffering by providing technologies and services.


Driven by our belief in technology's potential, we will work with partners worldwide that share our vision to help enrich daily life.

Masayoshi Son

Chairman & CEO, SoftBank Group Corp.

July 2019

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