ESG Data


Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions (Scope1&2)*1

Intensity of GHG
  1. Boundary: All offices of SoftBank Corp. (non-consolidated) and its subsidiaries Yahoo Japan Corp. and ASKUL Corp. are taken into account from FY2019

  2. Emissions per communication fee

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions (Scope3)*

Description of calculation
Scope 1: Direct Emission10,3390.4 
Scope 2: Indirect Emission of Energy Sources663,64423.1 
Scope 3: Other Indirect Emission2,202,87676.6 
 Category 1: Purchased Products and Services447,21115.5Calculated by multiplying the purchase price of products and services by emissions per product including the procurement and transportation processes
 Category 2: Capital Goods1,105,30038.4Calculated by multiplying the equipment investment amount by emissions per price of capital goods
 Category 3: Activities Related to Fuels and Energy not Included in Scope 1 or 298,4453.4Calculated by multiplying the consumption of fuel/electric power by emissions per fuel procurement
 Category 4: Transportation and Delivery (upstream)23,9930.8Calculated by multiplying transportation costs by emissions per transportation cost for transportation between bases and shipping. (Procurement transportation is included in Category 1)
 Category 5: Waste from Business4750.02Calculated by multiplying the weight of industrial waste by emissions per waste amount for each kind of waste and each disposal method
 Category 6: Business Trips6,1930.2Calculated by multiplying the payment amount of transportation allowances by emissions per transportation allowance amount for each transportation category and calculated by multiplying the number of days of accommodation by emissions per number of days of accommodation
 Category 7: Employee Commuting 7,8790.3Calculated by multiplying the total commuting distance of employees by emissions per km of travelers for each transportation category
 Category 8: Lease Assets (upstream)9,3330.3Calculated by multiplying the total travel distance of company vehicles by the emission coefficient of fuel for each maximum loading capacity, and by multiplying the total floor area of warehouses by emissions per area for each purpose of building use
 Category 9: Transportation and Delivery (downstream)--N/A
 Category 10: Processing of Sold Products--N/A
 Category 11: Use of Sold Products434,07915.1Calculated by multiplying the number of products sold/rented by lifelong power consumption of each product and the emission coefficient of electric power
 Category 12: Disposal of Sold Products7130.02Calculated by multiplying the total weight of products sold by emissions per product for each kind of waste
 Category 13: Lease Assets (downstream)--Included in Category 11, and calculated
 Category 14: Franchise69,2552.4Calculated by multiplying the total floor area of SoftBank shops and Y!mobile shops by emissions per area for each purpose of building use
 Category 15: Investment--N/A
  • Boundary: SoftBank Corp.

Energy Consumption*

Electric Power ConsumptionThousand
└ Renewable Energy ConsumptionThousand
City GasThousand
Heavy Oil AKl144190160
  • Boundary: SoftBank Corp. (until FY2018), SoftbBank Corp. and its subsidiaries Yahoo Japan Corp. and ASKUL Corp. are taken into account from FY2019


Human Resources and Diversity

Number of newly hired employees (women)14 (7)30 (15)52 (15)
Ratio of women among newly hired employees50%50%29%
Number of employees (women)195 (87)192 (81)224 (93)
Ratio of women among employees45%42%42%
Ratio of women in management positions22%26%24%
Number of fixed-term employees81218
Average employee salary11,581,000

Safety and Health of employees

Number of Industrial accidents110
Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate000

Social Contribution Activity Cost in FY2019*1

ItemSocial contribution
activity costs
(In million yen)
Implementation of social contribution activity programs780.9Includes costs arising from the implementation of CSR activities and the smartphone classes
Cash-based donations4.68Charity White*2 and other donation amounts
Goods-based donations35.7Loan of devices, etc. during disasters
Time-based donations*32,105.2Personnel costs, etc. involved in CSR activities
└ (Of which) Employee
 volunteer participation
4.5Personnel costs involved in volunteer participation
Recycling and other environmental charges97.5 
Others (cooperation with organizations, etc.)12.4Cooperation with organizations, etc.
  1. Boundary:SoftBank Corp.

  2. Donation to Ashinaga Foundation/Central Community Chest of Japan

  3. Converted to monetary value


Meetings held in FY2019

Board of Directors
Name*1Meetings attended/Meetings held*2
(attendance rate %)
Masami Iijima15/15 (100%)
Yutaka Matsuo15/15 (100%)
Lip-Bu Tan-
Yuko Kawamoto-
Maurice Atsushi Toyama15/15 (100%)
Soichiro Uno15/15 (100%)
Hidekazu Kubokawa15/15 (100%)
  1. Only outside directors and Audit & Supervisory Board Members

  2. Excludes the number of the meetings not held in person

Audit & Supervisory Board
NameMeetings attended/Meetings held
(attendance rate %)
Maurice Atsushi Toyama10/10 (100%)
Soichiro Uno10/10 (100%)
Hidekazu Kubokawa10/10 (100%)
Nominating and Remuneration Committee

As newly established in 2020, no meetings have been held at the end of Sep. 2020.

Investment Committee
NameMeetings attended/Meetings held
(attendance rate %)
Masayoshi Son38/42 (90.5%)
Ronald D. Fisher42/42 (100%)
Marcelo Claure42/42 (100%)
Katsunori Sago42/42 (100%)
Rajeev Misra41/42 (97.6%)
Brand Committee
NameMeetings attended/Meetings held
(attendance rate %)
Yoshimitsu Goto (Chair)23/23 (100%)
Kazuko Kimiwada23/23 (100%)
Natsuko Oga23/23 (100%)
Takeaki Nukii23/23 (100%)
Tatsuya Iida23/23 (100%)


Political Contributions0 yen

* Unless specifically mentioned within this page, the disclosed data covers Softbank Group Corp.

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