From telecommunications operator to strategic holding company

The SoftBank Group is guided by its corporate philosophy of “Information Revolution—Happiness for everyone.” We aim to be a corporate group that maximizes enterprise value while providing essential technologies and services to people around the world. At present, the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) into a variety of business models is starting to change value creation and will fundamentally redefine most of the industries. To ensure that the SoftBank Group captures the huge opportunities arising from the market expansion and the creation of new industries driven by AI utilization, we are implementing the Cluster of No.1 Strategy, a unique strategy for orchestrating the organization, and is stepping up its investment activities, mainly through SoftBank Vision Fund, established in 2017, to build a group of companies engaged in diverse businesses in the information and technology field.

Our core business lies in the Investment Business of Holding Companies segment, the SVF1 and Other SBIA-Managed Funds segment, the SoftBank segment, and the Arm segment.

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