Vision & Strategy

Origin of Brand Name and Logo

The 21st century Kaientai banner
is a symbol of the new world the SoftBank
Group is working to bring forth through the
Information Revolution


The power of intellect to discern what lies ahead one step ahead of the times and the power of execution to realize that vision are the essential qualities demonstrated by Ryoma Sakamoto, leader of Japan's enterprising naval trading company, the Kaientai, in the 19th century. These qualities also represent the core ideals pursued by the SoftBank Group in its business activities. Using the banner of the Kaientai led by Sakamoto as a motif, the SoftBank brand logo symbolizes our passion.

Brand name

A key source of infrastructure for the information society

SoftBank Group Corp. started out in 1981 as a distributor of computer software. As software is called “soft” in Japanese, the name “SoftBank” literally means “a bank of software.” We chose the word “bank” based on our grand aspiration to be a key source of infrastructure for the information society.

Brand Logo

Banner of a 21st century Kaientai

The SoftBank logo comprises “double-line” and “silver” elements, along with the letters for “SoftBank”.

The brand logo of SoftBank is designed based on the banner of the Kaientai, a company led by Ryoma Sakamoto


When he founded the Company, Masayoshi Son had a vision.
Now, people who share that vision voyage together through turbulent waters to ensure that it comes to pass.

The SoftBank logo evokes the Kaientai, a modernizing and enterprising naval trading company that operated during the last days of the Tokugawa Shogunate in Japan. They had an advanced information and knowledge and served as a catalyst for Japan's transformation into a modern, free-thinking, boldly decisive state, untrammeled by tribal rivalries or the conventional limits of the time.


They had a vision for a future Japan 50 or 100 years from then and sailed boldly forward through turbulent seas, giving everything to achieve their goal. As a mark of respect for their passion and empathy with their vision, our brand symbol is designed based on the banner of the Kaientai.

The SoftBank Group is a ship of comrades with the banner of a 21st century Kaientai flying on its mast.
This symbol represents our ardent passion for the kind of enterprise that makes people happy through the Information Revolution and will be admired by people around the world 30 years or even 300 years from now.

The two lines represent “= (equal)” or “answer”

The double-line represents the “= (equal)” sign, symbolizing the Group's stance as an actor in the Information Revolution. It shows that the SoftBank Group has an “answer” it can provide to customers and help solve the various problems the world faces.The double-line also expresses interactive communication and unlimited possibilities.

Our brand color is shining silver

We use silver as our brand color. Silver shines brightly on its own, unaffected by surrounding colors. Combined with the double-line, it becomes a banner that symbolizes the Information Revolution, not losing its luster with the passage of time.

The font used is the Japanese Mincho typeface to convey timelessness


We use the Mincho typeface for the font of our brand name representing our wish to be innovative and build a new era that makes people happier while respecting history.

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