Company Info

Board of Directors

As of December 1, 2020

Board Directors

Audit & Supervisory Board Members

  1. Mr. Masami Iijima and Dr. Yutaka Matsuo satisfy the qualifications of external directors as provided in Paragraph 2, Clause 15 of the Corporate Laws.

  2. Mr. Maurice Atsushi Toyama, Mr. Soichiro Uno and Mr. Hidekazu Kubokawa satisfy the qualifications of external audit & supervisory board members as provided in Paragraph 2, Clause 16 of the Corporate Laws.

Corporate Officers

Corporate Officer, Chairman & CEOMasayoshi Son (Biography)
Corporate Officer, Vice ChairmanRonald D. Fisher (Biography)
Corporate Officer, Executive Vice PresidentCorporate Officer, Executive Vice President & COO
Head of Global Business Unit
Marcelo Claure (Biography)
Corporate Officer, Executive Vice President & CSO
Head of Investment Strategy Unit
Katsunori Sago (Biography)
Corporate Officer, Executive Vice PresidentRajeev Misra (Biography)
Corporate Officer, Senior Vice President, CFO, CISO & CSusO
Head of Finance Unit
Head of Administration Unit
Yoshimitsu Goto (Biography)
Corporate Officer, Senior Vice President
Head of Accounting Unit
Kazuko Kimiwada
Corporate Officer, CLO & GCO
Head of Legal Unit
Tim Mackey
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