Company Info

Information Security

SoftBank Group Corp. constructs a mechanism which manages information security risks continuously and efficiently in order to secure adequacy of a whole group business with independency of business of each group company.

Principles for Information Security

Our Information Security Policy and Privacy Policy establish principles that must be followed by the SoftBank Group—SoftBank Group Corp. and its subsidiaries—its Officers, employees and temporary employees.

Group Information Security Governance Structure

SoftBank Group Corp. appoints a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) as an information security management representative. The CISO also promotes and strengthens group-wide information security governance.

Group Information Security Governance Liaison Council

SoftBank Group Corp. establishes Group Information Security Governance Liaison Council consisting of CISOs of business unit companies andCISOof SoftBank Group Corp. runs the council.

SoftBank Group Corp. requests each business management company establish the information Security Governance Liaison council consists of CISOs of its subordinate group companies and the CISO of the business management company run the council.

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