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Corporate Governance

SoftBank Group Corp. and its subsidiaries are guided by a fundamental concept of “free, fair, and innovative,” and a corporate philosophy of “Information Revolution—Happiness for everyone. ”The SoftBank Group aims to be a provider of essential technologies and services to people around the world while maximizing its enterprise value.

SoftBank Group Corp., the holding company of the SoftBank Group, recognizes that it is vital to maintain effective corporate governance in order to realize this vision. We continue to strengthen governance within the SoftBank Group by taking measures such as formulating the SoftBank Group Charter to share the fundamental concept and corporate philosophy and devising the SoftBank Group Company Management Regulations to set out the management policy and management framework for group companies, as well as establishing the SoftBank Group Code of Conduct to prescribe policies to be followed by the SoftBank Group and its Board Directors and employees. We have also formulated the SoftBank Group Sustainability Principles to set forth matters necessary for the SoftBank Group to appropriately carry out Sustainability activities, thereby aiming to grow together with customers, shareholders, employees, business partners and society by actively contributing to society through our businesses in an aim to achieve a sustainable society.

  • Basic Guidelines

    Basic policy of corporate governance

  • Corporate Governance System

    Our corporate governance system

  • Corporate Management

    Reason(s) for appointment as an External Audit & Supervisory Board Member and his/her attendance rate

  • IR Activities

    Information on our IR activities

  • Internal Control System

    How our internal control system works

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